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Zero 6


  • how to improve friday nights - general opinion of regular clubbers
    the main problem with friday nights at zero - & hence the lack of clientelle - is the music. You need to stick to dance floor classic hits, none of the too-modern stuff, or stupid party stuff. people want to dance, occasionally the dj will put on a good one (eg - You got to show me love, robin s) & get people on the dancefloor, then follow it up with a lousy non-dancey track. You need constant hour-after-hour of good music -
    Space Cowboy remix; justin timberlake; dreamer/amber; beyonce/crazy in love; scissor sisters/i dont feel like dancing; danni minogue/who do you love now; heaven/dj sammy; body rockers/i like the way you move; castles in the sky; call on me/eric prydz; etc etc.
    its such a shame its gone down hill, please try & sort it, the clubs in town are too young & busy. Over 35's would be good for a friday.
    once the word gets around that the music is good, the clubbers will return. its an excellent venue, dont worry about the decor, its the music that counts, that will attract the people (people+good music = atmosphere) also as an incentive: free entry, 2 tickets to exchange for free drinks. Once the customers start drinking & dancing they will stay there & you start making your profits. Speculate to accumalate. Advertising this will help. This is all information & advice gathered from your regular customers who remember the days when friday nights were excellent. please take the advice - [jaynie] reply
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