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  • Well, I have no excuse really. I was warned about this place, I was told it was rough, dirty and the worst place to go in Colchester, bar the STI clinic on a Saturday morning. It would seem most people had the opinion that Route in Colchester was not far off being crammed in a chlamydia infested waiting room.

    However; on our way through town, myself and my two male friends got a stamp from a very nice lady, offering us free entry to Route that evening. Being a student, and massively skint, I thought; what the hell. I was looking for a cheap skanky night...

    So, at around twenty past twelve, we walked a mission of a walk to this club, only to be greeted by hands down the most ignorant, arrogant old fart of a doorman I have ever encountered. And I have come across many the cocky doorman.

    So, we showed him the stamp; to which he replied 'Its only free til twelve', with a smug look on his face.
    So, we continued to just say that we thought it was free, and the nice lady had obviously forgot to point out the fact we had to go there before twelve. Then I proceeded to kindly ask how much it cost to go in. Yes, it was only two quid each, however; one of my friends had nothing on them...(money)

    The doorman then snidely snapped something about my friend being a cheap skate. The way he was from beginning to end was rude, abusive and completely out of order.

    I have worked in this kind of industry for a long time, and have never been treated like this. STAY AWAY from this *** hole.

    Dress Code: Dress code; preferably at least 2 different types of STD's
    Address: Colchester
    Directions: Follow the trail of filth and rude doormen...
    Theme: Nightclub

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