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Comments on club Club 195

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shite shit shite

hate this place, been loads of times as a friend of mine lives in epping, pretencious, small, sweatbox..
everyone looks the same with their orange skin, hair extensions or grey cardie white tshirt combo....
dance floor is tiny...not practical to move around, and ill avoid if i can!

nicola nicola

Management need to have a good look at the staff they are employing as they could end up with a massive law suit on their hands if they dont remind them that they are there to protect the client, not man handle them to the point of strangulation before they get their facts. And unnecessarily spend the tax payers hard earned money by calling the police.

Also the toilet attendant in the ladies needs to keep her hands and mouth to herself amd do what she does best and sells crap at an oversized rate.

Angry parent !!!!!! Angry parent !!!!!!

Ruined Birthday!!

I had been to 195 before and had one of the best nights for my bday i arranged for me and 9 friends to go up to 195 to celebrate my birthday, So i signed up to be on the guest list so that we wouldnt be waiting outside for ages!!..Yeh rite!!..We came all the way from Basildon to be told that the que from the guest list was mixed in with the normal a very rude bouncer!!..If your going to have a guest list then stick to it!!..and it ruined my bday completly as we stood in this ''Guest list'' que for 40 mins and it didnt even move..So we decided to go elsewere..which was a waste of money even bothering to go to Club 195..!!..If ur gonna have a guest list then organise it properly..and i wouldnt bother signing up for the guest list as there aint such thing!!..Thanks for ruining my bday!!...

Michelle Michelle

Hey Im from jst outside Glasgow was in essex for a hairextension launch and ended up in this club a think it was the opening night! We had a great night and can't wait to come back!! x

Linsey Linsey

hmmm yeah defo since the re opening im there most weeks hahaha

jessica jessica

yeah defo agree cas

lisa lisa

i think that since is has re opened it is one of the best clubs in essex xxx

cassie cassie


is it under 18s tommrow night ??

georgia georgia


Club one9five is great! very nice inside n very good mainstream, popular music!

adelaide adelaide


too much funky house, men r amazin tho!

Lola Lola

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