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Do You still do live gigs?
I remember I saw Dr Feelgood with Lee Brilleaux.


Friday nights in the bar monico are cool, Good atmosphere, great music and staff are all friendly. If your looking for a night out locally then you can't go wrong at monico. Some of the above comments are really old and I didn't see anyone slaggy or underage.

Jonny Jonny

were r pics?

were r the pics from fridays nyts at the monico?????????????? i luv this place, such good vibes and it is alot betta than it was a couple of years ago, only thing is it dnt get paked till bout half 11

the legend! the legend!

is it still open?

goin 2 the upstairs bit soon apparently, wots there? private hire?

dude dude

wot i fink

wen monico was open, its was the best, tom(afro) behind the bar is fitter then ever, thats y i keep going down the pub lol xxxx

kerrie kerrie

my views!

well me n my girls think that monico is great and are really upset that the place is closing! that djs are great the staff are wicked and the bouncers sre some of the nicest men n women that we no and as for the bouncers bein homophobic u couldnt b more wrong cos if that were the case n u bein a tru friend u would of stuck up for him wouldnt u! and hey not all the girls are slags thou there are some and ok i'll agree that there were some underage ppl in there. but as for monico itself it was w wicked place to go at the end it really turned itself around!

george george

Club is nice inside, girls well sexy but music cld be better. Don't rate the dj, ladies make it a good night thou :-)
John Boyd John Boyd

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